Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed is something many people literally dream of.
The quality of our sleep is fundamental to our well-being during our waking hours.

The secret to a good night’s sleep

Close the bedroom door on work, to-do lists and notifications. Leave your mobile phone at the door.

A simple but effective way to improve your sleep is to leave your phone outside your bedroom at night. Instead, let a beautiful hand-crafted alarm clock from Båge & Söner be on your bedside table. It’s a more natural way to fall asleep and wake up.

All Båge & Söner alarm clocks feature a snooze function and a warm light that can be used as required. The clock doesn’t tick or emit any other sounds that will stop you falling asleep. And as the dawn chorus begins and the sun slowly emerges behind the blinds, you are gently roused from your dreams by a low-volume alarm that gradually grows louder.

A good start to the day

Morning light has been shown to have a positive impact on our overall well-being, so try to make the most of it!
After gently waking, start the new day with a walk before breakfast to harmoniously help your body and mind spark into action.
You might even have planned the day ahead the night before, as this can help you fall asleep more easily and make for a more relaxed morning.

Båge & Söner’s alarm clocks are made using carefully selected materials of the highest quality to ensure that the alarm clock will last for generation after generation. So not only you, but those who come after you will be able to fall asleep easily and wake up as gently as possible.