Båge & Söner loves nature and believe that it is the key to harmony and well-being for both body and soul, a love that is also reflected in all our product names and in the choices we make. We are committed to continuously reviewing our sustainability practices to make sure that our business is as sustainable as possible. 

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A Båge & Söner alarm clock can always be repaired, and we reuse every part of the clock down to the last screw. Our clocks are mounted in the same way old watchmakers have done for centuries which means that the clock can be dismantled when repaired. Only faulty parts will be exchanged, and all others are reused again. This method assures a long-lasting value of our clocks and minimize excess use of natures resources. All clocks are mounted by hand in our workshop in Stockholm.

Genuine and sustainable materials

We have made a conscious decision to use as many genuine and sustainable materials as possible in our production such as traceable stainless steel and high quality leather from tannery’s with a strong focus to be kind to the environment. We also use mineral glass, whereas most alarm clock manufacturers use plastic glass. Furthermore, we try to minimize the use of plastic in both production and packaging. 

We are alert to any new developments that would allow us to improve our use of sustainable materials.

Båge & Söner office

We strive to visit our suppliers and make certain that they work according to our sustainability regulations. We take our responsibility to work in a sustainable way for both employees and product in order to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. The policy will be reviewed annually by the Båge & Söner team to ensure that we fulfill its purpose and keep it up to date.