The story of båge & söner

It started with a longing. Lisen Båge dreamed of reclaiming the bedroom as a place of safety, recovery and closeness – free from the outside world's disturbances and digital noise.


Then came the memory of a beautiful alarm clock from a bygone era, the one that stood on grandmother's bedside table in Lausanne when Lisen was a child. Together they awakened a desire to create something elegant and sustainable for the needs of modern human being.

The vision for Båge & Söner is to create the world's finest alarm clock, with timeless design, built for today's demands on quality and function. With a craftsmanship tradition taken from the world's leading clock houses, Båge & Söner offers an alarm clock where nothing is left to chance. Each watch is assembled by hand, using genuine sustainable materials chosen with care for the environment.

Grandma Suzanne, Lisen and her brother Carl.

An alarm clock from Båge & Söner is created to last for generations. A piece of jewelry on your bedside table, which allows you to sleep safely. An answer to your longing for the bedroom as a place of recovery.

Founder Lisen Båge