Greetings from Stockholm,

Our journey at Båge & Söner began in this beautiful city, where every cobblestone street and historic building tells a story. Walking through Stockholm, it's easy to be captivated by its classical elements—the majestic Royal Palace, the beautiful waters of the archipelago, and the charming old town, Gamla Stan, with its narrow alleyways and colorful facades.

Inspired by the city's rich heritage, we at Båge & Söner have embraced the timeless beauty of Stockholm in everything we create. Each piece we craft is a tribute to the elegance of Stockholm and the simplicity of the Scandinavian lifestyle, while also drawing inspiration from the harmony of nature and timeless traditions around the world.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to experience the magic of Stockholm through some photographs. Let each item be a small reminder of the beauty and history that inspire us every day.


Båge & Söner

A quite morning in June

pastries at "Blå Porten"

Pastel pink building

Golden hour at Kärleksudden

Båge & Söner at hotel Ett Hem

A wander through the old town

Christmas at the royal opera

A sunny winter day

Tulip garden

view from Skinnarviksberget