We had the pleasure of speaking to Louisa from Whylessisnotmore. Known for her interior style that embodies the philosophy of 'More is More', we learned that she decorates her bedroom with soft, light shades to minimize distractions at bedtime.

 Louisa is always on the hunt for the most timeless and beautiful pieces to fill her home, which is a testament to her eye for timeless beauty and her fearless mixing of patterns, colors, and textures. It's clear that for Louisa, each corner of her home, from bedside tables to living spaces, is curated to reflect her eclectic yet elegant style. Through her website Whylessisnotmore and Instagram @Whylessisnotmore she offers you to step into her world where More is More.

Louisa has placed her Båge & Söner table alarm clock on her bedside table, but she mentions that she would love to have one in every room of her house, "Each in a color that matches the interior. We're constantly running late, and I don't wear my watch when I'm at home."

We also discussed with Louisa what elements that are most important for her when decorating her bedroom. We we wanted to find out what she believe is important when creating that special sanctuary. "I love colors and patterns, but I keep the shades in my bedroom very soft and light. I believe it's important to minimize distractions at bedtime." "However..." Louisa continues "...that doesn't mean the bedroom has to be boring. Instead I make up for it with a variety of beautiful fabrics in different ways ." ☁️✨

On her nightside table, Louisa has a Forest Dream table alarm clock from Båge & Söner classic collection.

A blend of practicality and style is just what Båge & Söner want to inspire. A curated living space where beauty and utility coexist seamlessly.

Louisa recently started her site Whylessisnotmore, that offer a highly curated selection of her favourite items. These precious pieces come from both small, independent businesses as well as established, well-known brands. You can find inspiration of beautiful things and everything from interior design and homeware to unique hotels and spaces.

Let Louisa's magical touch inspire you too. Follow her on Instagram @Whylessisnotmore and through her website Whylessisnotmore.