In a blooming garden faraway, there was a beautiful silver framed alarm clock in pink tones known as Magnolia Memories.

Magnolia Memories stood as a testament to beauty and nostalgia and was a beloved companion, a keeper of time and a gateway to the cherished past. Even though time continued to pass, the memories it held dear would forever bloom like the magnolia trees in the garden, a testament to the enduring power of love and nostalgia.

In this blooming garden faraway, the air was filled with magic and endless possibilities.

A walk around Lac Leman

The name of the clock; Magnolia Memories is inspired by the time Lisen Båge walked together with her beloved grandparents around Lac Leman, Switzerland celebrating her engagement to her husband surrounded by the first blossoming magnolia trees.

Magnolia trees blossom only once a year and when they do it looks like a fairytale of strawberry ice cream hanging from the trees.