Time to unwind

Being able to unwind is a vital pre-requisite for a good night’s sleep. And sleep is our most important time of the day because sleep is when both body and self are repaired, experiences are processed and memories are created.

But there’s an art to unwinding. You need to know how.

How to unwind

Let your bedroom be a place where you close the door on stress and focus instead on rest and reflection. A place where you are just in the here and now. A place that’s just for you.

Turn off your phone and leave it outside your own precious space. Instead, let a beautiful alarm clock from Båge & Söner be your friend on your bedside table, helping you to unwind, fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

Improve the quality of your sleep

A Båge & Söner alarm clock won’t send you push notifications about updates or incoming emails. In fact, it doesn’t even make a ticking sound, and only rings when you set it to do so.

A hand-made alarm clock from Båge & Söner is crafted from the high-quality materials, assembled with great love and care. Just like your sleep should be.