A gift to celebrate – the perfect graduation gift

What do you give someone to celebrate an important achievement in life? You want to choose a meaningful gift ideally with both heart and functionality. Sure, there are lots of classic favourable gifts to choose from, but what if you would give your beloved student something that really stands out and lasts for generations? A table clock is a genuine and caring present for both his and her. It will be a unique gift to celebrate and memorize the actual the day of celebration, the big graduation day. A symbol of the time that has passed and the exciting new challenges ahead.

A clock that is made for today’s requirements of quality and function

Are you looking for something special to give as a graduation present? Regardless of the degree in question, an alarm clock/table clock is a gift that the student graduating will enjoy for the rest their life. A clock shows the time and becomes an equally beautiful as a symbolic gift for what they have achieved and accomplished. A designed alarm clock that lasts a lifetime and makes one remember the important day in their life (and hopefully also the person who gave them the beautiful alarm clock). After graduating the student may soon start their first job. An alarm clock helps to keep track of the time when everyday duties call, but at the same time it becomes a genuine and stylish interior detail when they decorate their first home.

A clock from Båge & Söner has been developed with sustainability, style and relaxation in mind, something that a person really needs after a long period of studying. Our exclusive collections are available in gold-coloured and silver-coloured high-end stainless steel. All our collections are exclusive alarm clocks, mounted by hand in genuine premium materials that last a long time. With the button on the side, you can easily snooze the alarm, softly light up the dial and check the time at night and enjoy resting your eyes on the beautiful dial. Our alarm clocks are completely silent, without annoying ticking. The genuine vegetable tanned leather ages beautifully and is at the same time very nice to hold and touch

Celebrate graduation with a stylish designed alarm clock

Graduating is a great achievement in life, something to celebrate and remember. A designed alarm clock is a timeless gift for life, something that can follow you from one home to the next. An alarm clock is a clever, thoughtful, and luxurious student gift at the same time. When you decorate your first home you want to personalize it, buy new things but it is not always possible to buy everything you want and need right away. A stylish alarm clock is something peaceful to look at and at the same time functional.

Our unique timeless table clocks are made with much love and mounted by hand. Even if a Båge & Söner alarm clock does not take up more space than you can fit the clock into one hand, it puts design into the whole room. The clock becomes something beautiful and harmonious to rest your eyes on, a piece of jewellery on the student’s bedside table or desk. It is a perfect student gift for either a girl or boy as well as an elegant interior detail that can accompany the student from one home to the next, and then the next… and the next…

Graduation gift