The story of Båge & Söner

It started with a longing. Lisen Båge dreamed of returning the bedroom to its rightful status as a place for recovery, harmony and intimacy – free from outside disturbances and digital noise.

Grandmother Suzanne, Lisen (and brother Carl.)

Then she remembered the beautiful alarm clock that stood on her Grandma’s bedside table in Lausanne when Lisen was a child. This sparked a desire to create something beautiful and sustainable for the needs of modern people.

The vision for Båge & Söner is to create the world’s finest alarm clock, with a classic design that also meets the quality and functional requirements of today. With a tradition of craftsmanship taken from the world’s leading watch manufacturers, Båge & Söner offers an alarm clock where nothing is left to chance. Each clock is assembled by hand, with genuine and durable materials chosen with care for the environment.

An alarm clock from Båge & Söner is created to last for generations. It’s a piece of jewellery on your bedside table, which allows you to sleep peacefully. It’s an answer to your longing for the bedroom to be a place of recovery once more.

Founder Lisen Båge