The perfect gift is something that combines function with looks and lasts a long time.
It’s something that also has a symbolic value, in terms of how it is made and how it is used. An alarm clock from Båge & Söner definitely fits the bill.

The perfect gift for a special occasion such as a christening, confirmation, wedding, graduation, anniversary or retirement.

The alarm clock from Båge och Söner is a beautifully decorative but practical gift that symbolises one of the most important things we have been given in life – time. The clock helps to keep mobile phones out of the bedroom and encourages falling asleep easily and waking up refreshed. It makes no ticking sound and the alarm starts off gently before gradually growing louder. Is there anything more wonderful to give to someone else than the gift of time? This is the perfect present for that uniquely special moment.

All Båge & Söner alarm clocks are assembled by hand using quality materials and craftsmanship in the finest watchmaking tradition. A clock like this will be a gift that lasts a lifetime, a gift that can be used every day and taken everywhere. For life.

It’s the perfect gift for a special occasion