Our manufacturing process

We assemble all our clocks in our own workshop in Stockholm. Our clocks are dressed in leather by selected saddlemakers in Southern Sweden. Parts and components are manufactured in Asia by professional clockmakers. Each part is unique and exclusively produced for Båge & Söner.

In our table alarm clock, we use solid traceable brass, high quality PVD goldplated stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 304. Our clocks come in fine-brushed, polished and gold-plated stainless steel. All Båge & Söner alarm clocks are covered in vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery. We have made a conscious decision to use as many sustainable materials as possible that age and dure well over time.

We only use premium leather from the Swedish Tärnsjö Tannery. The patina that this leather develops over time is unsurpassed and is a hallmark of the highest quality. The vegetable tanning process takes place without the use of chrome, which is the most environmentally friendly way to produce high-quality leather.

We use a Taiwanese clockwork mechanism that is one of the best in the world for alarm clocks.

Our clocks feature tempered mineral glass, whereas most alarm clock manufacturers use plastic glass.

No, our table alarm clock makes no ticking sound. It has a sweeping alarm movement.


Yes, our alarm clock has a hidden light bulb that lights up the dial when you press the snooze button.

Yes, the snooze function is activated by pressing the snooze button on the left-hand side of the clock.

Our clock has a crescendo alarm, which means that the alarm signal increases from a low to a high volume once the alarm goes off. The alarm has four volume levels. The highest level reaches 80 decibels at a distance of nine centimetres, which is considered very loud.

No, we use a ‘sweep’ clockwork mechanism, which does not make a ticking sound.

Yes, your alarm clock comes with a screwdriver that is designed to open the battery compartment. The clock uses an AA 1.5 volt battery. For long battery life we recommend using Energizer or Varta batteries.

Yes, all clocks purchased from our webshop have a new battery installed.

Under normal use, the battery lasts for about one year.

Warranty and service

We provide a two-year product guarantee on our clocks that takes effect from the date of purchase.

A Båge & Söner alarm clock can always be repaired as we have manufactured the clock according to the same methods used for exclusive wristwatches, which means that all parts are interchangeable and can be repaired.

Stainless steel (and goldplated stainless steel) remains with the same lustre and shine over time. You can polish it carefully with a dry cloth when needed.

Brass is a living material that changes over time. You can polish the brass very carefully with a dry cloth with brass polish. Work across the surface until the polish is completely gone and the surface is shiny again. Be careful not to get polish on the leather, only use a small amount!

Tip: Use a gentle masking tape with mild adhesive effect in order to separate the materials, so that you do not get polish on the leather.

There are no specific care requirements for leather. It ages naturally over time and develops its own unique patina.

Payment and delivery

We normally deliver the clocks within three working days of the order being placed, except for places where there are no daily postal deliveries. For certain places, whenever possible, we offer same-day delivery service.

In Sweden we use PostNord (Ombud). For all other countries we use FedEx. The check-out shows which delivery options are possible based on your postal/zip code.

If you wish to pick up your clock from our workshop in central Stockholm (tube: T-centralen/Rådmansgatan) please place your order online and then send us an email: info@bagesoner.com

We offer free shipping worldwide. In the event of a return, we charge a handling cost of 199 SEK.

Yes, you can change your clock within the first 30 days of your date of delivery.

Contact Details

Send an email to info@bagesoner.com or send a letter to:

Båge & Söner

Mailbox 315

111 73 Stockholm


You can also call us at +46 (0) 8-502 357 10, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (closed for lunch from 12 noon to 1pm).

Båge & Söner alarm clocks can be found in carefully selected retailers. Today you will find us in Stockholm: Grand Hotel, Villa Dagmar Gazebo Shop, MilleNotti Flagshipstore, Ett Hem, Hotell Diplomat and Rob Engström.

In Helsinki you will find us at Glashouse Helsinki.

In Germany you will find us at Torquato.

Please note that all retailers only carry a limited selection of models.